Sunday, November 30, 2008

I joined up with MAGC to see how many Coasties are Caching!

Out of the six fortune cookies on the table at Panda Express I picked this one!

The U.S. Lifesaving Service was the predecessor for the Coast Guard.

Here's a pic of a U.S. Lifesaving crew
Well in the last little bit since my last post, I haven't really done a lot of caching. We did however try to place a cache at a historic Coast Guard Cemetery at Point Reyes. We spent a lot of time doing research, learning how to make an HTML page, picking the right swag to place in the cache, driving to the location, and finding the perfect location to hide it in the cemetery, only to find out that we placed it in a National Park where geocaching is prohibited. So we had to drive all the way back out there to get it. On the drive out there to recover the failed cache placement, Sam got sick and starting barfing in a plastic bag. We were so far away from anything we had to carry that bag of puke in the car until we found a trashcan, YUCK!!
While I was looking at caches around Mary's house I found a link to a group of military geocachers called "Military Association of GeoCachers" or MAGC for short. I made myself an account to see how many Coasties were part of it. Turns out that there really isn't that many Coasties involved with this group of cachers and that most of them are on the east coast. I did post in the forums though and a lot people responded welcoming me and letting me know that they are willing to assist me if I ever travel to their area, which is pretty cool!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Calling All Goonies

Sunbather Zwieba found Brand
Sunbather Sam found Data

Sunbather Sarah found Mikey
Eliza sitting next to the finale for the Calling All Goonies Series
The Lazy Sunbather crew has been working on finishing the "Calling all Goonies" series cache. A series cache is where you have to find each Goonies character and collect clue's that lead you to the coordinates for the finale! This one was a fun for the whole family! If you are a cacher in the Petaluma area and haven't completed this series you better get to it! It was so much fun that it was placed on our top five caches list.
This took us about two weeks to complete. One of the caches was even located on a round about in a high traffic area. I must of looked pretty suspicious trying to hide from every car going around the round about!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our First Finds

Laura had to get out of the car and show us how blind we were to find Laguna Lake.
The wind was out of control when we found Bust Some Caps.
Sarah found A.K.A. right when were about to give up!
We had Laura help us find RIPin 2Rock for us on our second attempt.
Sam found the Two Rock cache after I moved it and didn't notice it!

How I Discovered Geocaching

I found my first Geocache by accident while doing some roadside clean up were I was working, at USCG Lorsta Searchlight in Nevada. I found a large clear container stuffed full of toys and paper and was two seconds from throwing it away when someone I was working with said "Noooooo!" He then explained to me what Geocaching was and for about three years I thought about checking it out.
After getting lost in San Francisco and Oakland a couple of times we decided that it was time to get a GPS! My loving wife let me buy a Garmin 60CSx with the extra city street software, for dual purpose. We tried it out for the first time in June 2008, and now I'm hooked!!
I decided to set up this blog to trace our Geocaching journey, post pics, and share adventures with all. Enjoy!